10+ Ways to Generate More Sales in Your Online Shop
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10+ Ways to Generate More Sales in Your Online Shop

You have a great idea; you turn it into a great product, you invest time, money, and effort in launching it on the market, you create a well-structured online store… And your sales are nowhere near your initial expectations.

Informing you that this scenario is quite common will hardly be useful. So instead, we’re about to give you some more valuable pieces of information. Namely, a few seemingly small changes in your online store that can increase your sales quickly and visibly.

A Fast and Intuitive Checkout Process

If you track your data in Google Analytics, you can easily see how many of your potential customers fail to complete an order through the checkout process. And the data will probably surprise you.

So – what can you do to make it easier for your customers to complete an order?

Of course, the loading speed and mobile-friendly web design are still mandatory for improving the results in this part of your online store.

Optimizing the functionalities of the shopping cart

In order to be able to complete the order at all, the user must be able to use and navigate the cart as easy as possible. Some of the meaningful efforts in this direction include:

The quick link to the general conditions of the site and the clearly announced prices will always be your friend, who creates a feeling of transparency, reliability and trust.

Free Delivery For Orders Above a Certain Amount

Data reveals that 59% of buyers consider the delivery costs when making online purchasing decisions. Then, as bland as it sounds – they would gladly pay the same amount for products without delivery fees.

And if 59% of your users sound like a good number to convert – you can consider offering free shipping for orders above a certain price. The lower the amount, the more likely you are to generate more sales.

As far as the technical implementation of this tactic is concerned – you can add some upsell messages such as “$XX more until free shipping” in your cart and enjoy the result.

A BNPL Option - “Buy now, pay later”

If you market more expensive products, probably most of your potential customers will hesitate before paying the full amount. However, if your offer turns from Price: $300 to Price: $25 per month for 12 months, things will change dramatically.

The good news is that integrating a short-term credit payment option is neither an expensive nor a complicated task for the business. You can buy the TBI module for online purchases with consumer credit directly from our web store, and the expected results are about a 25% increase in sales in the next 12 months.

Flexible Payment Methods

If you enjoy listening to what numbers say, here’s another one – 40% of online shoppers build more trust in online stores that offer more than one payment option. Logically, the possibility of a purchase increases in direct proportion to the number of options you give to your customers.

The primary payment alternatives that you should never be missing in your e-shop are:

Depending on your needs, budget, audience, and type of products, you can also consider alternative payment methods such as PayPal, cryptocurrencies, digital wallets, etc.

Team Web Titan is here to offer an individual online store optimization plan, as well as help you integrate all the modules, functionalities, and sales tools mentioned above.

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