Who we are?

We are an agency for digital marketing and web development.

We created Web Titans with the desire to help all of you who want to be discoverable on the Internet.

What distinguishes us and forms us as a good team?

The answer lies in simple things. We love our work! This is nothing new, but it is extremely important because by doing everything with desire and ambition, we will help you achieve optimal results, giving you value and attitude. 

Our goal for you is to get the best from the time you work with us! We want you to earn more and be among the first in the industry!

We are working with new and existing businesses. At a certain stage, everyone needs support in order to achieve their goals. This is our role here. Analyze, solve, and suggest the exact methodologies that will produce the desired result.

The motivation is clear – we look for results for your business! 

By working in the digital world of marketing, we know that at the heart of our business is the attitude of person to person, which means working closely with the client, aiming at achieving the sophisticated goals and the prospective development of the business.

What does the process of work involve?

The key to achieving results is your trust in us! We communicate in an easy-to-adopt way, creating clarity and transparency in everything we do, thus achieving goals and return on investment.

НWe are committed to informing our customers to understand what we do for them, how we do it, and what we aim to achieve.

Why choose Web Titans?

We strive to be in constant cooperation with our clients, realizing their ideas and aiming to exceed their expectations.

Let’s do it for you too! We will be glad to meet you!

Meet the team.

Пламен Петков

Plamen Petkov

Sales Manager

Стиляна Петкова

Stilqna Petkova

Digital Marketing Expert

Георги Богданов

Georgi Bogdanov

Web Developer

Ангелина Дункова

Angelina Dunkova

Digital Marketing Expert

Добрин Господинов

Dobrin Gospodinov

Full Stack Developer

Мария Манярова

Mariq Manqrova

Graphic Design