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Inquiry for website development

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    Do you have an existing site so we can get acquainted with?

    Can you give us FTP and Admin access to your website?

    What kind of site do you need?

    What payment methods you want on the website

    If there is Credit card payment method, tell us the name of your bank.

    What shipping methods do you want.

    Do you have any preferences for the platform?

    Do you have a reserved and purchased domain and hosting?

    Do you have a technical assignment?

    Or send us your assignment as a file

    Do you have an idea of the site’s structure? Please describe the sample site structure.

    Or send it as a file

    How many language versions will the site contain?

    Would you be able to provide us a logo in vector format?

    Do you have advertising design materials with which the site should get closer to?

    Do you have any photos which we can use on the site, or we need to find them?

    Do you have an already prepared text content to use, or should it be created during work?

    Do you have "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions"?

    Do you want your users to be able to download documents from the site?

    Do you want your users to be able to fill out a survey?

    Integrations (if necessary).

    What is the deadline for the development of your site?

    What investment would you set for your site?

    Share a few sites that you like in terms of vision and functionality. What exactly did you like - design, functionality or other.

    Inquiry for digital marketing

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      You offer?

      How are you different from your competitors?

      What is your main goal that you want to achieve through digital support?

      Is there a digital brand presence that you like and want to get closer to its presentation on the social networks?

      Do you have available any marketing materials?

      In which channels your brand could be found?

      With how many posts on a monthly basis do you imagine your digital presence?

      Do you have Facebook Business Manager?

      In case you have one, do you have a Pixel for the site?

      What budget do you have for advertising on a monthly basis?

      Do you have Google Ads account?

      Do you have Google Analytics account?

      Please list your main competitors?

      To create the most accurate estimate for advertising budgets and projected results, we will need access to advertising accounts. Please write the customer IDs of the brand profiles, then we will ask for access to the accounts:

      • Give us access to Google Analytics to the following email:

      If you do not wish to provide us with access to your accounts, but would like to receive quality estimates for your advertising performance, please provide us with the following data for a period of 3-6 months: CPC for Google Ads and Facebook Ads; Conversion rate for Google Ads and Facebook Ads and average for the site; Average order / query value for Google Ads and Facebook Ads and average for the site; Max. price for sale / inquiry.