Marketing Without a Marketing Strategy
or Why “Something’s Not Right”

Marketing Without a Marketing Strategy, or Why “Something’s Not Right”

As of today, the concept of “marketing” is broad enough to cover the competencies of at least three different sciences and include at least one library of theories and solutions for the business.

In our work with our clients, we often need to define the boundaries and objectives of marketing in order to set the right goals and outline a realistic course for their implementation.

This process can often be complex and burdened with distrust built over previous bitter experiences. This is not because marketing is an experiment in itself, but because businesses repeatedly pay for “marketing” and get nothing more than piecemeal experiments.

That is why today we are talking about the difference between disorganized and structured marketing, or in other words – the role of a professional marketing strategy to achieve a satisfactory ROI rate.

What is "digital marketing" exactly, and what does it involve?

As found in the short definition of Investopedia, marketing refers to all activities that a company undertakes to promote the purchase or sale of a product or service. This includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other companies.

When it comes to digital marketing, the definition remains the same, but the field is narrowed to the digital and online space. In short, this may include activities such as:

This list can go on for a long time, and the main prerequisite for success is the most often neglected one – ensuring the coordinationbetween all these activities.

What is the role of the general marketing strategy?

Unfortunately, many of the services promoted as “marketing” are limited to setting ads one by one, writing texts without a clear purpose, and accounting for costs instead of returns.

When “something doesn’t work well,” the main problem is often rooted in the lack of a broader vision and a plan that gives a coordinated intention to all marketing activities.

A typical failure recipe here includes:

Simply put – if many people are responsible for your marketing, virtually no one is responsible for your marketing.

To see the meaning of the funds you’ve invested, all efforts must be professionally planned, synchronously operated, and optimized in a timely manner.

How can the team of Web Titan help you?

First of all, we can analyze what has been done so far and find out exactly where mistakes have been made that hinder the achievement of results.

This is done by auditing your marketing strategy and advertising campaigns, accompanied by very specific conclusions – where, what, and why does not work well, what can be improved, and how.

In the next phase, we can apply the rendered conclusions to prepare a meaningful marketing strategy for your business. And finally – to start the wheel and ensure the whole process of implementing the plan.

Our main advantage is that we offer a comprehensive service of specialists in marketing, advertising, programming, design, and copywriting. So you won’t have to reallocate responsibilities and take care of the synchronization of different teams and specialists.

All you have to do is contact us, let us know more about the current challenges of your online business, and find out that marketing can make more money than it spends!

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