Why Do Super Successful Businesses Invest in Blogging?
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Why Do Super Successful Businesses Invest in Professional Blogging?

You have probably heard many times from different experts how important it is to create a blog, upload new content to your website, publish articles regularly, etc.

You’ve probably seen that large-scale brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Nivea, or Nestle keep investing in maintaining rich and extended blog sections on their websites.

And if you are not profiled in the niche of digital marketing, it is perfectly rational to ask yourself by what logic and why this is so. So today, we are giving you the short answer – with a checklist of mechanisms through which a well-maintained blog helps you earn more.

5 Reasons Why a Blog Matters For Your Business

Five of the main mechanisms through which professional content creation will improve business performance are:

Improved Search Engine Visibility

Designing a so-called "content strategy" will enhance the visibility of your website for specific keywords and long-tail phrases on Google. The strategy includes different semantic clusters with pre-planned internal links to pages of products, categories, and services. So - yes! - writing a blog article can rank the blog article itself but also other internal pages linked to it.

Good rankings, in turn, result in more organic traffic, more brand awareness, and - of course - more conversions, orders, and profits.

Expertise, Authority, and Trust

The world is online, and customers have a super broad choice between competing retailers delivering the same products or services. In this scenario, trust does not come automatically but shall be earned. The most straightforward way to do this is to establish expertise, authority, and trust - by producing truly valuable texts for the niche and the specific problems that affect its users.

This type of virtual community design is a long-term growth strategy, the success of which strongly depends on the quality of the content. In other words, "just some" texts just don't do the trick. Instead, they should be thoughtfully planned, helpful, and valuable for both the search engines and your customers.

Added Value For Your Customers

When talking about value, we can't help but mention the favorite offers of virtually all consumers - those that contribute something useful and free. This something may not be a product but a piece of advice, know-how, or recommendation on how to solve a specific problem.

You cannot shoot blindly for this purpose. You will need profiles of the ideal buyers and their "pains" to address systematically and strategically. This is the confluence of marketing, psychology, technical optimization, and copywriting, which together can make the difference for your brand.

New Audiences To Target

From a technical perspective, you need to know the opportunities for paid targeted advertising to users who have already visited your website. Explained briefly, the process flows as follows:

  • You plan, create and promote good content that brings new users to the site.
  • You collect cookies from these users and integrate them with tools such as Facebook Pixel, which help you target your ads more efficiently.
  • Your brand ads start appearing in the feed of users interested in the topics covered in the blog.
  • Over time, you begin to generate impressions, interactions, and orders from a very closely selected audience that knows the value of your products or services.
The more quality articles you have, the more this horizon expands - and your results with it.

Organic Advertising

Last but not least - if your content is really good, it will probably be quoted and organically distributed in many places on the wide, wide Internet, full of potential customers.

Organic sharing and citations are free and effective for a rather long time. Or, more precisely - until a piece of content appears that is more useful, more interesting, or of better quality than yours.

Or Else Said…

The blog section of the site is not a tool for making tremendous revenues right away. In fact, it is just the opposite – a tool for investing in steady future development, including reaching, retaining, interacting, and converting customers.

You will start to notice the results over time, and creating a professionally thought-out content strategy can pay off your investment dozens or even hundreds of times.

All you have to do is think ahead and trust a team that knows how to bring your blog to the attention of people who need to see it.

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